After Care Calls, Do they Matter?

Yes.  Blog post done.  Just kidding.  If you’re not using after care calls for your customers and then utilising a transcription service to convert audio to transcript, then you’re likely to be missing out on very important repeat business.

convert audio to transcript

Your customers probably aren’t using this phone, though.

What is an after care call?

An after care call is a follow-up call made to a customer after they have purchased and received a product, service or other goods from your business or if a customer has had a largely negative or positive experience with your company.

If somebody has had an issue with their product or service, you should always give them an after care phone call to see what went wrong and how you can improve in the future.

This is a form of market research.

When should I made an after care call?

You should make your after care call as soon as you have identified customer feedback or within 1-2 weeks of the purchase of the product.  This will ensure the product and offering is fresh in their mind and you can get the most reliable feedback.

How do I organise an after care call?

You should definitely email the customer or make some other form of contact before you decide to call them.  Nobody wants to receive a phone call at an inopportune time.  So, make sure you email and give a time and date for the after care phone call.

How do I make sure customers give me feedback?

Usually, if the customer has negative feedback they’ll make sure you know about it.

However, if a customer has a positive experience it’s much less likely you’ll hear about it.  So, the best thing to do is offer some form of incentive.  A customer is always happy to give you their time if you can offer them a 10% discount or a 50 AED voucher off their next purchase in return for a 30 minute phone call.

How do I then convert audio to transcript?

You should, of course, record the after care phone calls and then convert audio to transcript for easy reading and data analysis.  A transcription can provide you with an affordable, reliable method to convert audio to transcript.

With the resulting transcript you can easily sift through, whether it’s in Intelligent Verbatim or Full Verbatim, all of the information and pick out some perfect quotes and customer comments to better your service.

Feel free to use our affordable transcription service at Standish Typing Services.

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