Top 5 English Transcription Phrases and Expressions You’re Transcribing Incorrectly

A continuation of the previous 8 Commonly Mistaken English Phrases and Expressions, we’re going to enlighten you to 5 more English Transcription mistakes you’re making when you’re converting audio to text.

Anybody performing English transcription must be aware of these commonly mistaken English phrases and expressions.  The trick is being aware and knowing these off by heart.  Print them out and keep a list, if you can.  It’ll save you a world of hassle.

English transcription

1) Blessing in disguise

What you thought it was: Blessing in the skies.

Blessing in the skies conjures imagery of a heavenly gift, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, no, this phrase is blessing in disguise.  It means something fortunate that has come out of something unfortunate.

The fact you just realised you’ve been spelling this incorrectly for so long is a blessing in disguise because although you feel silly now, you’ll be glad about it.

2) Harebrained scheme

What you thought it was: Hair-brained scheme.

Ew, gross.  Can you imagine a hairy brain?  That’s just gross.

A hare, which is a rather large version of a rabbit, has an incredibly tiny brain.  If somebody has the brain of a hare, they’d likely not be making very good decisions or well thought out plans.  Little tiny bunny brain.

3) Moot point

What you thought it was: Mute point.

A point that makes no sound, therefore, doesn’t need any further explanation or argument, right?  Incorrect!  Unfortunately, it’s a moot point.

4) Sleight of hand

What you thought it was: Slight of hand.

When you think deep down about this one, it just doesn’t make sense to say, ‘Slight of hand,’ does it?  The magician’s slight frame helps with his sleight of hand.  English is fun, isn’t it?

5) Toe the line

What you thought it was: Tow the line.

Attach your tow rope to the line and begin towing.  Or, you know, place your toe against the metaphorical line but do not go any further.  Somebody who toes the line is almost pushing the boundaries a little bit too far but not quite.


So, there are the top 5 English transcription mistakes you’re probably making while transcribing audio.

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