Focus Groups

Focus groups and focus group transcription is a vitally important part of market research.  Utilising the perfect focus group transcription can save you time, money and help your business grow.  Don’t foget to avoid these Top 5 Market Research Mistakes, too.

What are Focus Groups?

If you’re not aware, a focus group is where you get together a bunch of people of a specific demographic in order to try and gauge their interest in an existing or new product offering, service or business.

Focus groups are excellent ways of finding out the thoughts and feelings of your core target audience by allowing them to give their opinions.

focus group transcription

The 5th annual grass-touching focus group was a great success.

What are the benefits of Focus Groups?

A good focus group will give you a deep and complex insight into your potential or current customer’s mind.  It will let you really dial in your efforts and save you from spending too much money on a product, service, offering or business that will not interest your demographics.

Focus groups are an excellent way of gaining information.  You can test new slogans, logos, adverts and more by running it past your core audience and see how they react to it.

A focus group will also give you some excellent quotes to use in further public relations publications and presentations.

Utilising Focus Group Transcription

Using focus group transcriptions will help you to convert recorded audio to text.  The benefits of transcriptions are well documented but in short, the use of proper transcriptions will give you a solid source of information and quotes to use in the expansion and growth of your business.

Focus group transcription can give you the edge you need to propel your business forward and give you the growth you need.

How much does Focus Group Transcription cost?

The cost can vary for transcription depending on whether you’re using a Dedicated Transcription Service or a freelance transcription.

Ideally, you want to try and keep your costs down while still getting the benefits of a reliable, accurate and fast service.

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