Freelance vs Dedicated Transcription Service

Freelance is becoming more and more popular for transcription solutions but, realistically, which should you choose?

I’m here to outline the benefits of both and by the end of this article you should be able to make an informed decision for the benefit of yourself or your company.

Freelance Transcriber

Well, first of all, the first benefit you will find is cost.  Freelance transcribers can often undercut the prices of most dedicated transcription services.

However, rather importantly, the price you pay can usually dictate the quality of the work you will receive.  Some of them might even be making These Top 5 Mistakes.

Anybody can offer their services as a freelance transcriber, and there are plenty of resources online which allow them to do so.

Freelance Transcriber

Their website probably looks like this if it was built by another cheap freelancer.

Although, I admit, some freelance transcribers can produce quality transcriptions for a great price, they’re typically a one-off job because their availability comes and goes depending on their workload.

Dedicated Transcription Service

Dedicated transcription services provides consistent quality transcriptions reliably.

A dedicated service has a brand and company reputation to uphold, so they usually hold their typists to much higher standards.  The dedicated transcription service will also have proofreaders to ensure the work is perfect before it is returned to you.

Transcription Team

Our top team of typists doing what they do best, American football.

A good transcription service will provide you with 24/7 access to top typists, held to the same high standard across the entire company and will reliably give you consistently good results ensuring they always match their previous work, whether you’re looking for Intelligent Verbatim or not.

What is best for you?

Well, it depends on what exactly you want and who you are.

Are you in need of a one-off cheap solution to a transcription problem you have?

If so, a freelance transcriber is probably right for you but do beware that low cost can sometimes mean low quality.

Are you in need of a consistent service to handle daily, weekly, monthly or yearly transcriptions?

If so, a dedicated transcription service is the way for you to go.  Their consistent high quality will always satisfy your transcription needs.


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