How to Blog Effectively and Build Traffic to Websites

Blogging seems to be the ultimate maker or breaker of businesses and having an effective and professional business blog will be a vital tool in your SEO arsenal.  Learning how to blog will save you having to spend huge amounts of cash in order to hire professional blog and content writers.

Word Count

The word count is an important part of learning how to blog.  Unfortunately, there’s no magic number of amount of words required for Google to effectively rank your page.

There is some speculation, though.  It seems that for a typical blog post, you should be aiming for between 300-500 words per post.  If you’re learning how to blog, this can seem like a huge amount of words but it’s actually not that many.  So far in this blog post, I’ve already wrote 150 words.  This is half the minimum length, to give you an idea.

Google and other Search Engines do like to rank higher wordcount websites slightly better but you have to weigh up whether your readers are happy to sit through a 1,000 or 2,000 word post.


People get bored.


If you’re new to learning how to blog, you should be aiming to post at the very minimum three times per week.  It’s difficult to set the time aside, which is where a professional blog writing service can come in helpful.

Google and other Search Engines like to rank websites that are updated often and regularly highly, so fresh content is an absolutely vital part of blogging for your business.

how to blog


A keyword is a word or phrase that is linked to your business and is something you would like to rank for.

For example, if you’re running a market research company, you would ideally want to rank quite high for the term, ‘Market research company.’

So, you should make sure you use these terms often in your blog posts but please make sure it still makes sense.  Google will know if you’re just spamming your keyword randomly and you will be penalised for it.

Long Tail Keywords

A long tail keyword is a phrase that is quite specific to your business that only a smaller percentage of your customer base would use but something that is so specific that it’s incredibly relevant for those few people searching for it.

For example, if you’re learnong how to blog for a Transcription Service, a normal keyword would be, ‘Transcription Service,’ but a long tail keyword would be, ‘What is the cheapest Transcription Service in Dubai for market researchers?

Although there are only, maybe, 20 people searching for this term per month, every single one of those people is almost guaranteed to be looking to make a purchase from the cheapest Transcription Service in Dubai for market researchers.  (Which would be us, at Standish Typing Services.)



So, you’ve just learned how to blog, you’ve started blogging three times a week and you’re consistently hitting over 500 words (this article is 500 words now.)

You’ve been going for three weeks and you’re not seeing a major increase in web traffic, are you doing it wrong?

Well, no.  Unfortunately, blogging for SEO is not a quick-fix for any business.  It’s a slow process and it takes time.

You should be expecting to see major improvements within 3-6 months of beginning to blog.  So, make sure you’ve got the time, effort and creativity to keep up with blogging at least three times per week for 3-6 months.  After that, you can lower your frequency to once per week or so but we would recommend keeping it up.

The longer you blog, the better you will rank.


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