How To Make a Blog

Blogs are the latest and greatest SEO tool for maximising the amount of traffic your website is getting and for converting visitors into customers.  Learning how to make a blog can have a dramatic impact on your website, business and can make an incredible difference to how you appear within SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

Identifying Your Topic or Speciality

The very first thing you should do is identify the topic or speciality of your blog.  This is the most important step and the very first thing you need to address.

Ideally, you should be choosing something that you deal with on a daily basis or the main activity of your business.  For example, the majority of our blogs are about transcription as we offer an affordable Transcription Service.

You should find something that you are knowledgeable about and something you can find a variety of topics to talk about with regards to that one specific topic.

Find something you can specialise in and try to create varied discussions on that topic.

You should try to write compelling copy that draws readers in and gives them a reason to come back and subscribe.

Most readers prefer an informal tone with some humour, so see if you can inject something into your writing that really wins people over.

A lot of companies will opt to use an affordable and professional blog writing or content writing service.

how to make a blog

Choosing Your Blogging Platform

The next most important thing is to choose your blogging platform.  This is vitally important as it will be your window into creating content and publishing your content.

There are a huge array of popular blogging platforms but some of the most popular are:

Your choice of blogging platform will affect how you post, how you write, how you publish and what degree of flexibility and control you have over your entire blog.

Personally, we use as we feel it gives us much better control over how we can publish our content, how we write and being able to integrate other add-ons into our blog is an extremely helpful utilisation.

Social Media

Finally, something which is often overlooked is Social Media.  Your social media presence in conjunction with your blogs is a hugely important part of propagating your content and increasing your views.

Without the proper social media presence you’re going to struggle to reach the audience you’re trying to target and that is tech-savvy folks who know the value of social media marketing.

Now, don’t get us wrong, don’t be trying to shove your product down everybody’s throat nonstop for the sake of a sale.  It’s more important to build up a customer relationship and try to become an authority on a subject.  If people believe in what you’re putting out, like your content and agree with your messages, the sales will follow.

Some of the most important social media aspects you should be utilising are:

how to make a blog

So, there you have it.  Those are the three things you should be focusing on when thinking about how to make a blog.

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