Maximising Proofreading Potential

Proofreading is an important part of any written text.  Whether you’re working in a professional environment, legal, medical, academic or a student, you must ensure all of your written text is 100% accurate.  That’s where a proofreading business should come into play.

A proofreading business will provide you with an easy way of making sure any and all text you’re producing is free from spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.

If you’re making spelling and grammar mistakes in your emails, newsletters, letters, promotional materials, external or internal documents, you’re going to be seen as unprofessional and sloppy.

This is not what any business or person wants.  So, make sure all of your text is proofread by a reliable proofreading business.

What should you be looking for in a proofreading business?

Realistically, you want the company to be operated by people who natively speak the language you’re intending to be proofread.  It’s all well and good getting cheap freelancers from India but if you’re typing a document in UK English, you want a UK English Dedicated Proofreading Service.

You want to make sure the proofreading business is local to you as it’s more likely to be working in your desired language.

Chances are, you’ll want your proofreading business to be knowledgeable too.  It’s important that your proofreading business recognises that specific terms in certain subjects are supposed to spelled a specific way, capitalised, hyphenated or formatted specifically and by changing that formatting or spelling can change the entire meaning of the word.

Your proofreading business should be able to quickly proofreading and return your work consistently and accurately.

proofreading business

What should you avoid when looking for a proofreading business?

The things you should always avoid are prices that are too cheap.  This can indicate a very low quality of work, poor adherence to deadlines and unreliability.  A cheap proofreading business can return work to you that is still littered with spelling and grammatical mistakes.

A proofreading business that will only spot grammatical mistakes and will ignore spelling mistakes.

You should never go with a proofreading business that relies on spellcheck.  Spellcheck is not a 100% effective tool, it is simply a, ‘best-guess,’ option for spelling and grammar.

Who should you choose?

You should choose Standish Typing Services, our affordable proofreading services are handled 100% by fluent native British typists who have a very high level of English.  We can correct grammar and spelling and we never rely on spellcheck.  We handle every document by hand.

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