Medical Transcriptions:  Why, What and Where?

Medical Transcriptions are vitally important.  But let’s look into the reasons why they’re important, the best method of transcribing them and where best to get this done.

Why use Medical Transcriptions?

The reason Medical Transcriptions are so important is due to the nature of the topic.  Everything a medical professional says has to be noted down and recorded perfectly.

Our own medical records hold information about us that is referred to during any medical experiences we go through, from a GP visit all the way to surgery.

How many times have you walked out of a GP visit being able to recite with 100% accuracy everything that has just been said?

Medical Transcriptions

I don’t even remember where I parked my car.

A Medical Transcription will give you a word-for-word record of exactly what has been discussed, transcribed by a profession who is familiar with the terms spoken about or has a strong enough background to  adequately research the topic and ensure everything is perfectly accurate.

What Format Should Medical Transcriptions be?

Medical Transcriptions should 99.9% of the time be Full Verbatim.

This is important, if you remember in my previous article Intelligent Verbatim is the New Full Verbatim, I outlined the benefits of Intelligent Verbatim for market research purposes, well… Those benefits are drawbacks for Medical Transcriptions.

In Medical Transcriptions you want every false-start included and, sometimes, every stutter and splutter included too.

medical transcriptions

The rattling of stethoscopes and the scribbling of pens is usually not included.

Where Should Medical Transcriptions be Transcribed?

Your Medical Transcriptions are important and you have three options for what to do with them.

In-House Transcription

One choice is to hire a permanent in-house transcriber who will type up any medical transcription files for you to your specification.

Advantage?  Reliable and consistent.

Disadvantage?  Expensive, as you’re paying them a steady flat rate regardless of how much work there is to do.

Freelance Transcription

Your second choice is to look for a freelance transcriber.  We’ve already spoken about Freelance Vs Dedicated Transcription Service at depth.

Advantage?  Low costs.

Disadvantage?  Running the risk of having inconsistent, low standard work without reliability.

Dedicated Transcription Service

Your third choice is to have a dedicated transcription service perform your medical transcriptions for you.  A professional team of people held to the same consistent high standard will be available 24/7 to you for a lower price than an in-house transcriber would cost.

Advantages?  Lower costs than in-house options, reliable, consistent with high quality work.

Disadvantages?  Sometimes slightly more expensive than a freelancer.

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