Transcription Rates Per Audio Minute

Budgeting for your transcriptions is hard.  Whether you’re a market researcher, looking for meeting transcriptions, academic transcriptions, medical transcriptions and legal transcriptions, you’re going to need a transcription service to suit you. That’s why you need to be aware of the typical transcription rates per audio minute.

Why per audio minute?

Easy, transcription is always charged by the minute.

So, how much is too much and how much is too little?

What?  Yes, too little can be a problem too.  If you’re paying 50 AED for an hour of transcription, you’re likely going to be receiving some very poor quality transcriptions.

How Much is Too Much?

Ideally, if you find a transcription service that’s charging an arm and a leg for basic transcription services, I would steer clear unless they’re the only option.  If somebody’s prices start at 10-15AED per minute for some Intelligent Verbatim or 15-20 AED for Full Verbatim you’re probably being charged a bit too much.

transcription rates per audio minute

Let me just sell this last diamond so I can afford this 15 minute transcription.

How Much is Too Little?

It’s likely that anybody charging too little, such as a freelancer, is probably charging such a small amount because the quality of the work is low.  Cheap transcription services can result in poor quality work with inconsistent results.

What’s the Sweet Spot?

You should be looking for something around 6-10 AED for Intelligent Verbatim and 7-15 for Full Verbatim.

With these prices you can easily get 60 minutes of audio for as little as 360 AED, which is a fantastic price!

Do you know of a transcription service that charges this amount?

We do!  Welcome to Standish Typing Services, where our price start from 6 AED per minute of Intelligent Verbatim.

We’re also currently offering a 30% discount for new customers, for a very limited time.

That means you can get 60 minutes of audio transcribed for 252 AED!

Wouldn’t that be marvellous?


If you’re interested in beginning a career with transcription, you should check out our Careers page and have a look into How to Become a Transcriber.

Some highlights from becoming a transcriber are ensuring you have the right equipment and skills required.  This easy guide will show you what you need to know and have in order to begin transcription.

For a cheap transcription service in the UAE, have a look at Standish Typing Services.

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