Does Social Media Matter when Blog Writing?

When you’re blog writing, do you know how to promote your blogs effectively?  Chances are, you’re probably not quite using your time and effort as efficiently as you could be.  

As I mentioned previously in How To Blog Effectively for SEO and How to Make a Blog, utilising social media for blog writing should be clear on your list of concerns.  

So, where do we begin?  First of all, you need to identify your ideal social media website.

The common social media websites utilised by companies are often:

blog writing

You should think about what your customers are likely to use, what businesses you want to interact with and how you want to interact with them.

As our transcription and blogging service mainly utilises Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, I’m going to delve deeper into how these three social media platforms can benefit your business and your blog writing.


Facebook should be one of the very first social media profiles you create as a business.  This allows people to find you easily, through the search functions built into Facebook as well as begin to reach a wide audience of actual real people.

Facebook is great for reaching customers directly, giving them an avenue of speaking to you directly and presenting a great way of having a public facing profile of your business that people can easily reach with your blog writing.

Utilising Facebook can give you some excellent ways of promoting your business through Facebook adverts, too!


Twitter can give you an excellent platform for promoting your blog content and helping you reach more people for your blog writing.  It can give you a really good mixture of real humans as well as other businesses for when you want to present your ideas to other businesses and network.

Twitter’s ideal mixture of people and business profiles will allow you to have a very wide reach while promoting your blog writing.

Likewise for Twitter, you can enjoy the benefits of utilising Twitter’s advertisements in order to expand your reach.


LinkedIn has an amazing network of professionals and businesses for you to network with and promote your blog writing content.  LinkedIn’s mainly professional and business focus means that you can reach potential new employees, businesses that might utilise your service or professionals that could benefit from your information.

As I mentioned in How To Blog Effectively for SEO and How to Make a Blog, becoming an authority on your subject and providing helpful and informative blogs is one of the most important aspects of blog writing.  

If you’re considering creating a blog, I would recommend you read the following resources:

These resources should help you build the foundations for a solid blog.

Good luck.

If you’re looking for a blogging service to provide you with well researched and well written articles or blogs, please don’t hesitate to try out our amazing new content writing service.  You can contact us via or through our website.

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