Top 5 Speech to Text Transcription Programs

So, you’ve got a whole bunch of text that you need transcribing.  What do you do?  You check out the top speech to text transcription programs to see if you can do this yourself.

Speech to Text Transcription

“Czech mate,” – Stupid AI

So, shall we run through this list?  Let’s go.

1) Dragon Professional Individual v15

Dragon, as a company, is definitely one of the best speech to text transcription companies available.  Dragon uses deep learning technology to learn common words and phrases (that you may be using incorrectly) to really try to understand how you speak naturally in order to provide the best speech to text transcription dictation available in the home.

Dragon Professional Individual v15 is on the pricey side, though.  It’s around 740 AED (£150) for the license, compared to the average prices of transcription.

Although incredibly accurate, Dragon is still not as accurate as a human transcriber.

2) Dragon Anywhere

Dragon’s mobile product takes spot number two.  Essentially the same as Dragon Professional built into a small mobile package with the unfortunate flaw of a slight delay in recognition.

This one’s a little bit more limited in that you can only use the speech to text transcription inside the app itself, using the Dragon Anywhere pad which you can then copy it into other apps.

Dragon Anywhere operates on a subscription model, costing around £10 per month or £100 for a full year.

3) Google Docs Voice Typing

Hidden inside Google Docs is Google’s answer to speech to text transcription, Google Docs Voice Typing.  You must be using Google Chrome.  This freebie is helpful but has some issues with accuracy.  As we all know with Google’s products, the speech recognition is a little bit hit-and-miss.

Google Docs Voice Typing can be access through Google Docs

4) Braina Pro

Braina Pro is a speech to text transcription tool coupled with a virtual assistant.  This handy little tool can help you do many tasks on your PC without ever touching the device.  Another great feature of this is the companion Android app which works over wi-fi to deliver commands to your computer.

Now you can perform tasks on your PC while you’re not even in the same room.

Braina has a free option, which is very limited and offers no speech to text transcription.  There is then a 1, 3 and lifetime subscription model.

5) Windows 10 Speech Recognition

Microsoft’s Windows 10 has built in speech to text transcription capabilities.  It’s great for a free tool but seriously lacks some of the accuracy we would hope for in this kind of utility.

This is already built into Windows 10, so you won’t need to download anything extra.  Just find the switch in Control Panel and you’re all set and good to go.


So, which one is the best?

Hands-down the best one available is Dragon Professional but still it doesn’t come anywhere near the accuracy of a professional transcription service.

We know which one we would recommend.  Human transcribers can type with 99% accuracy and perform tasks that computers just simply cannot keep up with.

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