Students and Transcription.

You might be wondering to yourself, why on Earth would a student ever require the services of a transcription company and what are some cheap transcription services for students?

Well, as I’ve outlined in The Benefits of a Transcription Service, Transcriptions are useful tools that can take audio files of any length and turn them into an easy-to-ready document.

As we all know, students can often have to sit through lectures, seminars and webinars of varying lengths from an hour to several hours long.  This isn’t always an easy thing to do and after some time, fatigue sets in and you find yourself struggling to follow along.


Of course, many students decide to start notetaking, which is a difficult thing on its own to do as the average speaking speed is around 150 words per minute and the average typist reaches around 40 words per minute.  It’s simply impossible to keep up for most people so they have to pick and choose what to write down and decide on-the-fly what piece of information is more important to keep.

Audio Recording

The next best option is to audio record the lecture, seminar or webinar on your phone, tablet, computer or audio recording device.  Great idea!

With an audio recording, you can preserve every word that’s said and then listen back to it at a later point.  You can break it up into manageable chunks, too.  So, rather than having to sit through another 2 hour lecture, you can decide to break it into four easy-to-manage 30 minute chunks.  Great.

However, after a few weeks of this, if I were to ask you to tell me what exactly the lecturer said about something specific, could you tell me?

Of course not.  You’d have to then go and find the one audio file that pertains to that one topic, and then listen through the whole thing, albeit in four easy-to-manage chunks, but still listen to it in its entirety to find that one single spoken sentence.

An inefficient and awkward system, to say the least.

So, what’s the solution?

Cheap Transcription Services for Students

Of course, cheap transcription services for students is an ideal solution to this problem.  You simply upload your audio file, pay a small fee and have your document returned in either Intelligent Verbatim or Full Verbatim.

You have three options for Transcription.

If you’re unsure, find out the Difference Between Intelligent Verbatim and Full Verbatim now.

With your document in these easy formats, you can simply open it up in your favourite word processor, use the, ‘Find,’ tool and within seconds you’ll have identified the exact phrase used by your lecturer.

Also, you can take this file anywhere with you.  Print it off, if you like, or load it into your phone, tablet or e-reader so you can take your lectures everywhere with you.  Whether you’re commuting or relaxing by the pool, you’ll have access to the entirety of your lecture in an easy-to-read format.

Cheap Transcription Services for Students

How Much Does it Cost?

It depends on who you decide to go with, you can choose from a dedicated transcription service or a freelance service.

We offer one of the best value Transcription Services in Dubai and the UAE, with prices starting as low as 6 AED per minute of audio.  This means you can get a full hour of audio transcribed for as little as 360 AED.

Who Else uses Transcription Services?

Transcription Services are a favourite for many sectors and companies, such as:

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