Interviews are HARD

Interviews are hard and not just for the person sitting down being interviewed but for the actual interviewer too.  It’s tricky to try and keep track of everything that’s been said, whether it’s for a job interview, newspaper interview or anything else.  It’s not easy to keep scribbling down important key points, so sometimes you need to contact a good reliable transcription service to transcribe interview to text.

The interviewer has to be able to ask questions, find information and keep track of what’s been said.  The easiest way of doing this is to simply record the audio of the conversation and then convert recorded audio into text.

Once the interviewer has this easy-to-ready transcription in their hands, they can take their time to go over it as many times as they like, highlighting key information and finding out exactly what they need to find out.

What kind of interviews?

Any interview could be used when you want to transcribe interview to text.

It could be for a recruitment interview, medical interview, newspaper or TV segment interview, legal interview or business interview.  Regardless of the type of interview it is, it could definitely benefit from transcription.

transcribe interview to text

I don’t even actually remember the interviewer’s name.

How should it be transcribed?

Really, the best method of transcribing anything is to have a reliable dedicated transcription service do it rather than a freelancer or in-house service.

A dedicated transcription service will provide you with accurate, affordable, consistent and reliable results.  You can always count on a dedicated transcription service to give you the most accurate transcriptions.

A dedicated service will often provide medical transcription, legal transcription, focus group transcription, academic transcription, business transcription and personal transcription.

Their wide range of formats and services available should be affordable and reliable.

Find a local service so that you know your data is protected and kept local.

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