Transcription Service Benefits

Transcription service, we should all be familiar with the term by now.  We all need to use transcriptions.  Well, most of us need them and the vast majority would benefit from them, but, how?

transcription service

How does a transcription service benefit a business here in the UAE?  Well, it depends on what exactly your business activities are but generally speaking, a transcription service will benefit you by providing a fast, reliable and efficient method of turning vast hours of audio into an easy-to-read format, preferably in Intelligent Verbatim.

Who can a transcription service benefit?

Essentially, everyone.

Transcription services are typically used by such companies as:

But they can be utilised by any company to provide a benefit, such as:

To name a few.  The possible benefits are endless, really.  In most situations an audio recording would be beneficial, I’m sure you can agree.  Well, that audio recording can be transformed into an easy-to-read document by a transcription service quickly, easily and, usually, for an affordable price.

transcription tapes

Nobody wants to sit through 6 hours of meetings AGAIN, do they?


Why get it transcribed?

It’s simple, really.  Whether you’re doing market research, legal transcriptions, interviews or audio recording meetings, by the end of the day, week or month you’re going to end up with a vast collection of multiple hours of audio.  Now, you could close your eyes and hope (A) it goes away or (B) nobody ever wants to know what was said because sitting through those hours of audio to pinpoint one spoken phrase or word would literally be torture.

Transcription Service

You distract the camera, I’ll climb the fence and we’ll both be free before they realise we’re haven’t found that one specific time Mr. A said something important.

Why use a transcription service? / Why not do it in-house?

Great question.  Most companies do!  Most companies will hire an in-house typist or will often give transcription jobs to their secretaries.

However, nobody and nothing can match the speed, accuracy and reliability of a professional transcriber.  Believe me.  Transcriptionists are usually extremely fast typists and their accuracy is unbelievable.  Take a look at these Top 5 Transcription Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them).

Transcription Skills

Not only that, I could tell you what flavour potato chips they’re eating!

So, what are you waiting for?  Find your perfect transcription service now and enjoy taking life on easy-mode, because we’re happy to do the hard work for you.


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